musica axè dal vivoAn explosive and utterly entertaining show of AXE’ music

focusing on the most famous songs of Bahian Carnival.

A band with a history of more than 200 shows, capable of providing great high-end musical performances, which may also include professional corps de ballet, capoeira exhibitions and an entirely percussive marching band, able to meet top-notch production needs!

A unique reality in Italy, the only act to perform these captivating tarditional folk brazilian music with a full band. The show has always received extra-positive feedback from both critics and audience!
A performance able to evoke some serious strong emotions, everything absolutely live!

The duration of the show is from 90 to 120 minutes, no pauses. The powerful sound and a persistent set-list clearly aim to keep people dancing all the time. It’s perfectly fit for both smaller venues (like pubs and discos) and bigger ones like squares or any other open-air event.

The distinctive rhythm section made up by drums and percussions aims to faithfully recreate the typical sound of brazilian Sambareggae and Batucada, while the histrionic personality of the female singer mesmerizes and entertains the people.

A show for all ages, which greatly suits any kind of audience.
The minimum line-up is of 6 people (up to 10). By request, corps de ballet with traditional brazilian costumes, capoeira and percussive marching band (both itinerant or on-stage) are available.
The band owns its own full audio and lighting service with its sound engineer, everything capable to satisfy the needs of small and big venues alike.