Ops + Banda Pipoca + Dj

  • Ordem Progres Sound (O.P.S )
  • Banda Pipoca
  • Dj

This “setup” features a full musical show, starting from the DJ who will introduce the audience to the “mood and feel” of the night with a selection of Afro-Brazilian music. (duration of 30 to 90 minutes)

Afterwards, the spectacular entrance of the 2 musical acts will give life to the “heart” of the night, in an ebb and flow of different popular Afro-Brazilian genres and traditional folk chants with the powerful percussive “SambaReggae” rhythms. (duration of 90 to 120 minutes)

Finally the DJ will follow and, depending on the situation, play the final Dj-set, thus bringing the evening to an end. (maximum duration 120 minutes)

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