Bass guitar is his passion, music his life partner. Self-educated, he has joined many different bands since 2000, all of which have taught him all kinds of musical styles ranging from melodic rock, blues, metal, pop, country and folk. There is no such a thing as his favourite genre, the main goal is to just keep on playing.


Rimini, 2 june 1983.

Favorite music:

Rock, Metal, Funky, Blues, Bossanova, Salsa, Country, Folk, Ska,
Punk, Samba, Axè, Classical

Best album:

…I don’t know…

Cool band:

…any band can teach you something… it may have all started with the Beatles, but first there was Mozart!


Fender bass, Music man bass, Amplifier Mark bass


O.P.S. Ordem Progress Sound

Nashville & Backbones



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